Susanoo (スサノオ Susanoō) was an Imperial Arm created to bodyguard kings and nobility. During the Imperial Corruption, Susanoo is recruited by Night Raid to assist in missions.

Susanoo Smiling

Appearance Edit

Susanoo is a tall male appearing to be in his mid twenties. He has blue hair with bull horns on his head on both sides, along with a pair of purple-blue eyes. His clothing is always a white cloth robe with a grey/navy blue undershirt. He is bigger in stature than almost all the characters in the series, even bigger than Incursio when dawned by Tatsumi.

Abilities Edit

During the series, Susanoo demonstrates the following:

  • Super human speed while working on tasks such as cooking, cleaning and even building.
  • Ridiculous strength.
  • The ability to summon a stronger form by absorbing the life energy of his user.
  • Proficiency with multiple weapons.
  • Durability matching that of Incursio.